These Weird Medical Treatments Can Save Your Life

Medical treatment has no boundations to save the life. Many things which are weird or obsolete are used during medical treatments. There are many treatment methods around the world. Check out these weird medical treatments from around the world which can save a life from fatal diseases.

Railway Track Therapy

Railway Track Therapy

In Indonesia, a bizarre medical treatment is followed to treat Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. But be careful, there is a high risk of danger involved in this method and even you can get arrested by the police.

Hijama Therapy

Hijama Therapy

It is believed that Hijama therapy is described by the prophet Mohammed PBUH and is religiously used in many Islamic countries. This is used to treat chronic pain, rheumatism, eczema, and many other diseases.

Dolphin Therapy

Dolphin Therapy

Dolphin therapy is used for pregnant ladies. During dolphin therapy, a dolphin touches the stomach of a pregnant woman. It is believed that the dolphins’ high-frequency sounds help stimulate the brain of an unborn baby inside the pregnant women who undergo this therapy.

Live Fish Swallowing

Live fish swallowing

Asthma patients are cured using a 2-inch live fish. The fish is covered in herbal paste, which the patient has to swallow. This method is used in India.

Maggot Therapy

Maggot therapy

Maggots are used to remove wounds because they eat dead tissues and increase the healing process.

Frog Drink

Frog drink

These drinks are made of pulverized frog mixed with herbs which helps to cure fertility, asthma and increases low sex drive.

Urine Of Pregnant Mare

Urine of pregnant mare

Urine of pregnant mare produces Premarin. It is a hormone replacement treatment.

Leech Therapy

Leech therapy

Leech therapy is used for treating back pain, skin disease, and migraine. The leeches suck blood to align blood flow to the new skin.

Hippo Sweat

Hippo sweat

Hippopotamus sweat decreases the threat of skin cancer. It is also an effective natural sunscreen.



Bloodletting cures illness such as Hemochromatosis. This is the oldest technique used in the world.

These Weird Medical Treatments can save your life, do you know any other method? Tell us in comments.

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