Top 8 Ways To Accelerate Metabolism And Burn Calories

We all know that it is much better to do some exercise to do nothing. Sometimes you may be doing everything right, but still there is no way to get rid of those last few pounds of accumulated fat that you hate. Here are Ways To Accelerate Metabolism to by making your workouts more efficient and by accelerating metabolism you can lose those extra pounds.

So what are the Ways to Accelerate Metabolism?

Here are some ways to get the most out of your workouts and increase your calorie burn .

#1 Cardio Interval Training

Ways To Accelerate Metabolism

The first way from 8 Ways To Accelerate Metabolism is to perform cardio at a constant rate. This will increases your cardiovascular endurance.

Instead of just going for a walk, running or riding a bike, try combining your cardio routines with high intensity intervals. The secret of success lies in alternating periods of effort with low intensity recovery periods, this will increase the burning of calories and fat .

The next time you’re on the treadmill, try heating for 5 minutes (trotting), then perform 15 sprints of 30 seconds with 30-second breaks (rests on one side of the tape) and ends with 5 minutes of cooling. With these guidelines not only break the monotony of your training but also increase the burning of calories at rest and you will accelerate the metabolism .

#2 High Intensity Interval Training

You can accelerate metabolism by adding four minutes of Tabata training a few times a week to your workout .

This method consists of alternating 20 seconds of exercises at maximum intensity and 10 seconds of rest for a total of four minutes in order to maximize the heart rate.

A study of the Tabata method concluded that when participants performed this training 5 times a week for 6 weeks, not only did the participants’ anaerobic capacity increase but also their aerobic capacity.

#3 Listen Fast Music On Bikes

This is the most interesting way among other Ways To Accelerate Metabolism. In a research doing a research, the researchers asked 12 participants to pedal on static bikes while listening to music.

The test was done in 3 different ways, in each test the music sounded at a rate: normal, 10% faster and 10% slower.

The study found that when they exercised with the slowest tempo their pedaling was reduced, their heart rates were lower and their distance traveled was smaller compared to the test with the normal music rhythm.

On the other hand when the tempo increased, the participants pedaled with more power, they increased the speed of pedaling, their heart rates were higher and crossed more distance. So training with fast paced music will make you work harder.

#4 Build Muscle

Ways To Accelerate Metabolism

As the muscle weighs more than the fat, the more muscle in the body it becomes heavier and requires more energy to move.

So go to the gym, grab the dumbbells and start training. The combination of weight training and cardio is a perfect match. With weight training you build and sculpt your muscles, and with cardio you burn calories and body fat to leave a toned body.

#5 Increase Resistance

Increasing the resistance on the bike or increasing the incline on the treadmill will train different muscles.

This information is especially important in relation to these machines, since they directly involve the buttocks, which are of the largest muscles of the body and those who consume the most energy, therefore their caloric consumption is greater.

#6 Burn Calories Abroad

Make it cold or hot, going out to do cardio outdoors is another good option. The environment makes your career different and you have to fight against the wind or areas with uneven terrain.

This way you will work more and / or different muscle groups without being aware of it. In addition, uneven terrain will provide more muscle gains to your glutes.

#7 Compete Against a Friend

Training with someone who runs faster or raises more than you, makes you have to work harder to keep up to your level. It’s like when you’re doing cardio on the treadmill and you have someone on the side, even if no one says it, you know you’re competing. It leaves our competitive vein and will keep you to the maximum.

#8 Smarter Training

Ways To Accelerate Metabolism

Obviously going for a walk is much better than sitting on the couch, but if you want to get 100% of the results, you have to strive 100%.

It is summed up that at the end of the day you just have to do a smarter, no longer exercise. Use 30 minutes to train, yes, with only 30 minutes is enough! Do your best and put the meter on the fly.


Record these techniques and put them to use to accelerate the metabolism and gain muscle mass , this way you will start to burn calories even while you sleep because you will have an accelerated metabolism.


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