Missed or Irregular Menstrual Periods Symptoms

In this article, we will let you know about symptoms of Missed or Irregular Menstrual Periods. There are many reasons behind abnormal periods and most of the girls experience severe pain in the abdominal area during the periods. Missed periods does not always mean a pregnancy.

The major indications and symptoms of abnormal periods are as follow:

  • painful cramping
  • blood clots
  • breast tenderness
  • fluid retention
  • headaches
  • early or late periods
  • missed periods
  • abnormal duration of bleeding

The normal time between period cycles is more than 21 to 35 days. The normal condition of menstruation is that as it lasts for only 7 days. It is not a very serious problem to experience a little number of cramps during menses but having excess cramping during periods along with severe pain under the abdomen is an abnormality in menstruation.

Missed or Irregular Menstrual Periods Symptoms

The cramping sometimes decreases with age or after marriage. It is necessary to consult with a doctor in the case if periods not occur in appropriate time.

The blood clot during menses is not the sign of abnormal menstruation as it may be a clot of tissue that is normal. The irregular periods and skipping periods is not normal as it causes hormonal issues that can lead to obesity. The normal timing of menstruation is about 5 to 7 days. In menstruation, the oxygenated blood that is not healthy for women is shed through virginal.

The normal periods are the sign of health as such women have to birth babies so that menstruation is occurring. A woman usually faces many problems during periods like cramps as sometimes it seems normal but an excess amount of cramping is not good. The cramping during menstruation occurs due to the high quantity of estrogen. Women who eat sugarily or calorie food too much may experience this inflammatory response. The fibroid or a cyst inside the uterus also causes cramps.

Junk Food Can Cause Irregular Periods

Eating too much chocolate or taking caffeine during periods is better as these sugary foods lower down the progesterone level. The progesterone is the hormone that is useful to enhance the blood sugar level. The tampon is an abnormality during menstruation. The tampon is a like plug of soft material which is connected to virginal that absorbs menstrual blood.

A tampon can cause bacterial infection in which dryness of virginal occurs or any toxic shock of the syndrome can experience by women during menses. The material of the tampon contain bacteria like fluid. The normal days between periods are from 21 to 35 days if the days exceed than this limit then it is the chances of having a pregnancy. There are many symptoms of pregnancy like tender breast, nausea and body starts to secrete hormones like progesterone.

The major symptoms of Missed or Irregular Menstrual Periods are that women sleep too much than the normal routine. If periods cause insomnia it means that it is less amount of hormone which is progesterone. The proper amount of hormone is efficient for good sleep so if abnormalities occur like these then it is better to consult with the doctor as soon as possible.

The premenstrual syndrome is the abnormality that is related with physical as well as the emotional behavior of women before some days of periods. The symptoms include in premenstrual syndrome are the appearance of acne, breast tendering, muscle fatigue, irritation and changes in attitude. These symptoms stay about 6 to 7 days and then behavior change at the end of menstruation. These symptoms do not occur during pregnancy.

So these are symptoms of Missed or Irregular Menstrual Periods. If you find any of these, consult your doctor.

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