Simple Makeup Tips For Face, Eyes And Lips To Look Hot

Wearing makeup is fun for almost all girls in the world. The best tip to success with makeup is DO NOT wear it too much and DO NOT abuse it. Use your makeup to enhance the features on your faces such as your eyes and your lips. We are sharing Simple Makeup Tips for you to look ultra HOT and beautiful.

Makeup Tips For Face

The best makeup tip for the face is that make sure you are using the foundation that matches your skin color. Blend your foundation giving it a smooth look. For best results wash face and dry. Apply a small amount of foundation. Let dry for 1-2 minutes, then apply a powder.

Makeup Tips For Face, Eyes And Lips (2)

For your powder, use one that matches your skin color and do not use it too much. Blend your powder well to make sure you have no traces showing of your foundation. It is common to have a line on the side of your face, get out a mirror and make sure yours looks good.

Makeup Tips For Lips

Now we will move to the subject of the lips. Use a lip liner and use lipstick. The lip liner makes the lipstick look SEXY. Apply the lip liner onto the natural line of your lip. When applying it, start at the center of your upper lip and draw a line to each outer corner.

Makeup Tips For Face, Eyes And Lips

If you want your lipstick to stay longer, apply a small amount of your powder on your lips prior to applying the lipstick. When applying the lipstick stretch your lips and start at the center of lips and glide it to each slide. You may then want to blot it with a tissue and reapply.

Makeup Tips For Eyes

Do not ignore eyes while wearing makeup. They are small but there impact is huge. Here are some tips on applying eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow. For eyeliner users, use a small line. If you apply too thick of the line, it will make you look overdone and will take the focus off the rest of your makeup. Don’t forget the mascara.

Makeup Tips For Face, Eyes And Lips

Use it to enhance your eyes and your eyelashes. Make sure it is applied to the eyelashes smoothly and has no clumps. When it comes to eyeshadows, the colors you choose are going to be completely on your and your style. If you are not sure at first, start out using the neutral colors like browns and tans.

You can apply some brown on your eyelid and use a lighter shade on the upper section of your eye. Experiment and blend two colors together to come up with something you think looks good on you.

So these are Simple Makeup Tips For Face, Eyes And Lips To Look Hot. Now you have some basic makeup tips, start practicing and soon you will find some looks that make you look great. Remember to limit your use of makeup because too much just might make you look silly.

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