Home Remedy For Strong Bones, Joint Pain And Inflammation

Bones are the most essential part of our body. No one is strong without strong bones. Bone density decreases with aging and malnutrition. Weak bones can cause many problems including joint pain and inflammation.

Home Remedy For Strong Bones

The pain in joints and bones is awful and makes inflammations and more chronic problems. The bone pain is very real and comes with age as well.

Pain in joints can be really intense and impede all daily work activities of the victim. This pain can stop you from doing your everyday work and even you cannot walk properly.

Therefore it is necessary to prevent this or at least reduce the severity. Lubricate the joints and make bones stronger to soothe inflammation too.

The main reason for joint pain is injury and also gout, arthritis, osteoarthritis, autoimmune illnesses, and more.

In this post, we are going to share with you the best home remedy for strong bones, joint pain and inflammation. This remedy has natural items, all medicinal.

Ginger lowers inflammation and makes immunity stronger. Carrots also have many nutrients for the immunity, but bones and joints too.

Home Remedy For Strong Bones


2 cm Ginger Root

6 Carrots

250 ml Milk

1 cm Turmeric Root

How To Prepare:

Grate the turmeric and ginger and mix them with the rest of items, all in a blender. Make a smooth mix and this is serving for one day.

How To Use:

Get 50-60 ml daily, 3 times per day and 30 min prior a meal. If this gets too thick, dilute some water.

Bonus Tip:

This remedy is good for curing bone and joint pain. It has horsetail, nettle, ulmaria. These plants are analgesic and make regenerated bones and joints.

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