Health Tips To Avoid And Reduce Back Pain

Health Tips To Avoid And Reduce Back Pain. From working in the office whole day to watching the tv in our home at night, eating our meal at dinning table to watching movie in cinema we spend an extraordinary amount of our lives sitting down.

Health Tips To Avoid And Reduce Back Pain

So by spending all this time sitting and putting pressure on backs it’s important that people think about their backs when going about their daily business.

So Check Out These Health Tips To Avoid And Reduce Back Pain:

Good posture is very important because it trains the body to stand, walk, sit and lie in correct positions during everyday activities. Bad posture can lead to many body issues like back pain, muscle fatigue, shoulder disorders and neck pain.

(1) Sit Comfortably:

Sitting in a wrong and uncomfortable position can add a tremendous amount of pressure to your back and lead to ongoing aches and pains. Always try to use good chair for working. Buy some comfortable chair for sitting if you do not have one.

The best sitting position is to sit up straight, into the back of the chair with your knees lower than your hips and your feet flat on the floor.

(2) Lying On Bed Matters:

Avoid to read and watch television while lying down because when you lift your head to view the screen or book your muscles may contract causing pain in the neck.

(3) Good House Keeping:

A place for everything and everything in its place. Household items should be preferably kept on easily accessible shelves, it will help you to avoid bending and stretching movements.

(4) Don’t Put Wallet In Back Pocket:

Stop sitting with your wallet in the back pocket as it can result chronic pain. It will unbalance you hips which can cause chronic back pain.

(5) Don’t Show You Power:

Do not lift heavy items alone to show people you are very powerful. Ask for help and wait for help to share the weight of heavy object.

(6) Avoid High Heels:

High heels can cause many problems including back pain. To avoid pain from wearing high heels, you need to stretch out your feet after removing the heels. When you remove heels do some relaxing exercise to feet and ankles.

(7) Keep On Moving:

Don’t sit more than 1 hour continue. Stand up after some time. Stretch you body, relax and then sit again.

(8) Reduce Stress:

Mental and social stress can also cause back. Stress can have a direct link to how we carry ourselves physically. A stressed person typically elevates their shoulders with their head positioned in a downward position. And if the stress continues for long periods it can result in muscle soreness, muscle shortening and a build-up of tension in the neck and shoulder region.

I hope you have learnt some Health Tips To Avoid And Reduce Back Pain which can help people suffering from back pain.

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