Top 7 Health Benefits Of Banana Nutrition In Banana

Banana is the second most consumed fruit in the world. Banana can be eaten anywhere without need for a napkin or a knife. But more than anything the banana is one of the most nutritious and medicinal fruit that exist. Here are the Top 7 Health Benefits Of Banana.

Health Benefits Of Banana

Banana contains about 21% carbohydrates. It contains a small amount of proteins (1%) and very little fat less than 0.5%. Banana stands out for their vitamins B content. About three medium sized bananas provide the recommended daily allowance of this vitamin for an adult male. Banana also contain significant amount of vitamins C, B1, B2, and E, as well as folic acid.

Top 7 Health Benefits Of Banana

It is also rich in minerals among which are potassium, magnesium and Iron. They are very rich in potassium, they also contain significant amount of vegetable fiber which contributes to its ability to lower cholesterol level. Banana medicinal values are as follows.

1. Prevent Heart Attack:

Banana contains B group vitamins content which help in producing energy within the heart muscle, hence reducing the risk of heart attack. Banana also contains magnesium which prevent heart attack risk.

2. Good For Stress Control:

The presence of potassium content in banana helps to normalize the heart beat and regulates body water balance which in turn controls stress. Stress is very common problem now days. So eat Bananas and stay stress free.

3. Good For Pregnancy And Lactation:

Banana contains some protein about 1%, which is good for this group, they are also rich in folic acid which prevent fetal nervous system malformation.

4. Treatment Of Intestinal Disorders:

Banana alone or with apples are effective in relieving diarrhea in children as well as in adults. It may be eaten abundantly or even exclusively for some days in the case of ulcer. It neutralizes the excess acidity of gastric juices produced in the stomach thereby reducing the effect of the ulcer.

5. Very Rich In Potassium:

Banana is very rich in Potassium which makes it an ideal food in the case of coronary diseases. A diet rich in potassium prevents arterial hypertension, stroke and even cancer. The potassium content makes it very good in the treatment of the heart or arterial hypertension. They also help avoid hypertension and maintain a healthy heart.

6. Treatment Of Arthritis And Gout:

Banana alkalizes the blood, which helps neutralizes and eliminates the excess uric acid that causes arthritis and gout.

7. Low In Sodium:

Banana have low sodium content which makes it an ideal food in cases of cirrhosis, edema which is retention of watery fluid in the tissues or even kidney failure.

Note: To get maximum Health Benefits Of Banana , Chew the banana well because the digestion of banana begins in the mouth, mixing it with saliva, this is because the starch content is difficult to digest.

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