5 Foods That Are Hurting Your Brain And Heart

In this world, there are tens of diseases now days like heart attacks, heart strokes, blood sugar rush and hypertension, which terrify and scare us beyond belief for they attack without giving us any kind of warning.

There are Foods That Are Hurting Your Brain And Heart and when our blood vessels, which are connected to key organs like the brain, lungs, heart or kidneys, get blocked by blood clots or burst open, all our brain and body cells get deprived of oxygen and essential nutrients. These blood clots emerge due to unhealthy foods that are hurting brain and heart at the end.

According to researches, nearly 700,000 people get diagnosed with the risk of heart strokes every single year, and this risk factor is rapidly on the rise, and it now hold the title of America’s third most deadliest disease.

Here are those 5 Foods That Are Hurting Your Brain And Heart and that massively contribute to the risk factors of heart strokes:

1. Red Meat

Red meat is on top in the list of the Foods That Are Hurting Your Brain and heart. Red meat is packed with massive quantities of saturated fats, which makes it a very unhealthy choice for individuals who are seeking to prevent or eliminate the symptoms of heart ailments and heart strokes.

Foods That Are Hurting Your Brain

A recent study revealed that women who consume generous servings of red meat on a daily basis increase their risk for a heart stroke by a whopping 42%. If that isn’t an indication to seek a healthier alternative to red meat, what is?

Why Red Meat Is Unhealthy?

Countless studies have highlight the fact that red meat, due its dangerously heightened levels of saturated fat, has been directly linked to increased risk for heart ailments and heart strokes. You see, it basically allows the arteries to become clogged up due an excessive build-up of protein plaques.

Furthermore, red meat derives its powerful density of iron from a natural compound, called haemoglobin, which has also been ruled out as a principal risk factor in developing heart strokes. Researchers are still examining further causation effects, and ruling out how the consumption of heme iron causes the blood to become thicker and contributes to the risks of heart strokes.

Healthy Alternatives To Red Meat

You can use poultry, fish and white meat, all of which contain low levels of heme iron. You can also pick out heart-healthy plant based or dairy based protein, such as beans, tofu, low-fat dairy products, legumes and nuts.

2. Diet Soda

Diet soda is also an everyday food among 5 Foods That Are Hurting Your Brain And Heart. We all believe that the first ritual of starting a weight loss diet is to replace all the countless sugar-filled drinks with diet soda, right? It may seem a healthy option, but according to nutritionists and researchers, it is actually one of the greater contributors to increased risk factors of heart strokes.

Foods That Are Hurting Your Brain

Why Diet Soda Is Unhealthy?

A study that examined the lifestyle and diets of around 2500 individuals revealed that those who drank a diet soda every day increased their risk for developing a heart stroke by a whopping 48%. Furthermore, it also revealed that those who drank diet sodas every day had a 60% greater rate of having more strokes, coronary artery diseases and heart attacks as opposed to those who didn’t consume diet soda at all.

Researchers haven’t yet been able to pin point the exact cause that tells us how diet soda contributes to the risk factors of heart strokes, but both, medical experts and nutritionists recommend us to avoid them.

Healthy Alternatives to Diet Soda

It is best to replace all your soda intake with natural beverages, like water, fresh smoothies, vegetable juices, fruit juices, iced tea, mint margaritas, lemonade or coconut milk perhaps.

3. Processed & Smoked Meats

It’s time you put an end to all your unhealthy cravings for processed and smoked varieties of meat, such as smoked chicken or turkey sandwiches, hot dogs, pastrami, sausages and bacon.

Foods That Are Hurting Your Brain And Heart

Why Processed Meats Are Unhealthy?

All our favorite processed and smoked meats have been revealed to add up to the risk of heart strokes in not one, but two dangerous ways. Firstly, the preservation of these processed meats requires them to be rich in sodium, which is one of the directly linked causes of heart strokes. Secondly, they are dipped in countless harmful preservatives, which are necessary in order to prevent these processed meats from becoming rancid or stale.

Two of these harmful preservatives are nitrite and sodium nitrate, which have been excessively researched and proven a principal cause behind damaged blood vessels, by causing the arteries to become excessively narrow and hardened. As it happens, excessively narrow and damaged blood vessels are one of the natural most occurring causes of heart strokes.

Several researches examining the causes of the coronary artery disease (CAD) have found processed meats to be one of the principal causes that raised the risk factors. The results revealed that individuals who devoured one serving of processed meat every day increased their risk for contracting the coronary heart disease by a whopping 42%.

Furthermore, if you’re a huge salami addict, beware that several cancer-related researches have outlined the increased consumption of smoked and cured varieties of meat as one of the causes leading to an increased risk of several kinds of cancers, primarily leukaemia, along with diabetes.

Healthy Alternatives To Processed Meats

Instead of reaching for a ham sandwich or a turkey burger, fix yourself a delicious salmon or tuna meal, or generously lathered peanut butter slices. You can also cook your own turkey and chicken and make out healthy sandwiches with homemade hummus and other nutritious dips.

4. Bakery Items

All types of baked items like pastries, brownies, pizzas, chips, crackers, doughnuts, patties and muffins contain alarmingly high rates of Trans fats. Most commercial bakeries and stores made products with hydrogenated oils so food can stay solid at all kinds of room temperature which eliminate the need for refrigeration.

Foods That Are Hurting Your Brain And Heart

All our favourite varieties of baked treats, snacks, chips, microwave popcorns, frozen foods, salad dressings, French fries, cake mixtures, and toppings are either partially hydrogenated or made with hydrogenated oils and Trans fats.

These are also the secret ingredient behind margarine’s solid cube-like shape, and you can find massive quantities in unhealthy fast food items, such as fried chicken, onion rings, fried crackers and French fries.

Why Bakery Items Are Unhealthy?

There is an abundance of research associating Trans fats as the direct cause of arterial blockage, as they bring about dangerous increases in the density of lipids within the blood stream. Moreover, they increase bad or LDL cholesterol levels and cause the good or HDL cholesterol levels to deplete beyond normality. All these lead to an increase in the risk factors of heart diseases and strokes.

A recent research examined the effects of trans fat diets of several women, and the results revealed that women who consumed 7g of trans fat every day increased their chance of having more strokes as opposed to women who ate 1g of trans fat by a whopping 30%.

One doesn’t have to eat much in order to consume 7 grams of Trans fat, all it takes is two chocolate doughnuts and half a plate of French fries. Out all the various types of strokes, the researchers pointed out the ischemic type, which occurs when the blood flow towards the brain gets blocked, as the most prevalently caused due to excessive trans-fat intake.

Another study that also examined the effects of trans fats on women revealed that excessive consumption causes an abnormal increase in the levels of C-reactive protein, and also leads to inflammation throughout the body. This ultimately contributes to the risk factors of heart diseases, strokes and diabetes.

Healthy Alternatives To Bakery Items

It is better to avoid trans-fats, but if you cannot live without them then be sure to limit your portions or servings to no more than 1-2 grams daily.

You can replace you cravings for frozen meals, fried chicken and French fries with healthier snacks, like kale chips perhaps. You can always bake yourself an assortment of healthy dishes, such as sweet potato salads, cookies, cakes, brownies, chocolate bars, pastas, vegetable casseroles and lots more. And on days you just want to grab something on-the-go, grab freshly made salads, whole grain crackers and Terra brand potato chips.


5. Canned Foods, Soups & Frozen Foods

This is the last but not the least in our list of 5 Foods That Are Hurting Your Brain And Heart. A packed of canned pasta, soup, canned spaghetti and countless other frozen food dinners, which sound seemingly healthy, may appear convenient and easy. But truth be told, they are nothing except heaps of sodium used to enhance the taste and make these processed foods appear fresh and aromatic.

Foods That Are Hurting Your Brain And Heart

Several studies have pointed out the use of canned soup as a widely prevalent unhealthy habit, for one can of canned chicken soup packs up more than 1,100mg of sodium, a shockingly dangerous amount. Furthermore, other canned soup varieties, such as tomato soup or clam chowder soup, contain around 450-800mg sodium in every serving.

Research examining the causes of heart strokes and ailments reveals that devouring more than 1500mg every day is highly unhealthy for the heart. Over the last two decades, heart specialists, nutritionists and medical associations have carried out several campaigns and calls to address food companies over the health-hazardous amount of salt added to canned soup and frozen food varieties.

Why Frozen And Canned Foods Are Unhealthy?

Salt, which is referred to as sodium in the ingredients section on food labels, has been directly associated with increasing the risk for heart strokes. A recent study that examined patients with unhealthy sodium intakes revealed that individuals who devoured more than 4,000mg sodium every day had twice as greater risk of developing a heart stroke as opposed to those consumed 2,000mg sodium or even less.

Statistics reveal that most Americans have a habit of eating nearly 3,500mg of sodium every day, and we have tons of research to validate the claim that sodium is one of the principal causative factors that lead to strokes and heightened blood pressure levels. It’s really hard to control one’s sodium intake because sodium-packed products come in such beguiling disguises, and it’s really hard to tell that a seemingly healthy product is actually brimming in salt. The worst and trickiest factor is the fact that most of these sodium-rich products don’t even taste salty.

Some everyday products that actually disguised salts are Baking Powder, Sodium Alginate, Baking Soda, Disodium Phosphate, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

Healthy Alternatives To Frozen Foods And Canned Foods

You can make your own homemade variety of nutrient-rich frozen foods, and soups. You can always freeze whatever quantity you need for couples of days or for a week.

Just heat it up every time you feel the need to devour it. Also, it is important that you carefully read all the food labels before buying them. You can buy low-sodium canned food varieties, but beware that most of these products have turned out to be a hoax.

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