Eating Lychee Fruit At This Time Can Kill You

Eating Lychee Fruit At This Time Can Kill You. In the past 2 decades, in the district of Muzaffarpur in India, hundreds of children have been dying mysteriously in past. The cause behind these deaths was not known, until now but now researches have found the cause behind these deaths.

Eating Lychee Fruit At This Time Can Kill You

Scientists from US’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Center for Disease Control from India have figured out that the reason behind these suspicious fatalities was due to a chemical that exists in lychee. Lychee is popularly consumed fruit in many parts of the world as well, therefore making this discovery is more relevant for us as well.

The mysterious disease is known as “Chamki” in an affected area of India. The disease usually spreads in May and June every year, claiming many children’s lives. Only in 2014, 390 children were admitted in two hospitals in India and only 122 survived this fatal disease.

With the joint efforts of Indian and American scientists, it was found that this disease is caused by eating lychee on an empty stomach. This research activity lasted for almost 3 years and was published in the world famous science magazine Lancet global.

Only under-nourished children living near lychee orchards appeared to suffer during May and June when the fruit is harvested.

The victims had signs of brain cell damage and seizures, indicating that a toxin and not just undernourishment was causing the disease.

After blood and urine testing was carried out for the affected children, it was found that their blood and urine samples included traces of chemical compounds in them.

Most of the children had skipped dinner and overate lychee on an empty stomach. Therefore, malnourished children were more prone to catch this disease on consumption of lychee.

As per the researchers, lychee contains Hypoglycin A, which is a toxic chemical. Researchers also confirmed that a toxic chemical in the fruit of the Asian lychee tree is responsible for outbreaks of a fatal brain sickness in children where the fruit is commercially grown.

Doctors have recommended the residents to eat this fruit in a limited amount and also to follow balanced diet.

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