Top 10 Simple And Easy Exercises For Fitness

The most important thing about the fitness of the human body is exercise. Exercise can also help prevent excess weight gain and will keep the weight of body balanced. You do not need to go to the gym or park to do exercise, there are many simple and Easy Exercises For Fitness which everybody can do at home.

Check out these simple ways exercise can improve your fitness level very much. These simple and easy exercises for fitness will help you maintain weight over the long-term.

#1 Jogging

Easy Exercises For Fitness

Jogging is an easy and pleasant exercise to stay fit and lose weight. Jogging can be a great way to get into shape and stay fit. It is by far one of the simplest sports available, can be done any time of the day. It is the probably the best and easiest exercise in the world which anyone can do without much knowledge and time.

#2 Bicycling

Easy Exercises For Fitness

Bicycling is a great calorie burner and can make your thigh muscle strength. Riding outside is always enjoyable, but if you are little more time restricted you can invest in a good quality exercise bike.

#3 Walking

Easy Exercises For Fitness

This is the simplest exercise which even the laziest one can do. You just need a comfortable pair of shoes for walking and you can start this exercise even in your own house. To lose weight, at least 40 -60 minutes walk is must daily.

#4 Dancing

Easy Exercises For Fitness

Dancing is great for fitness. It targets your entire body because it is a total-body workout that has all the benefits of a long run or a session on the elliptical, and then some. In a one hour class, you can burn as many as 400 calories. Do that 3 times a week and you could drop nearly 20 pounds in a year without dieting.

#5 Gardening

Easy Exercises For Fitness

Gardening is fun and many people do it as a hobby. It is also a great workout and boosts for the body. Spending time in the garden like weeding, tending vegetables and watering can be a good exercise. While enjoying yourself in the garden, you are also working all the major muscle groups: legs, buttocks, arms, shoulders, neck, back and abdomen.

#6 Hiking

Easy Exercises For Fitness

Hiking is an enjoyable and fantastic exercise and it can burn about 350 calories an hour and gives you a good opportunity to spend some quality time outside, seeing nature, or spending time with your family or friends. If you travel and visit natural places, then try hiking as well and you will stay fit while enjoying holidays.

#7 Jumping Rope

Easy Exercises For Fitness

Jumping rope looks difficult but in fact, it is very easy to do. You just need a rope and you can try it yourself. Jumping rope can burn calories quickly by jumping rope.

#8 Cleaning House

Easy Exercises For Fitness

You will feel happy after cleaning your house. Get your house tidy and burn your calories, all at the same time. You can burn more than 500 calories in an hour depending on your weight and height.

#9 Swimming:

Easy Exercises For Fitness

Swimming is not only fun but it is also a good fitness exercise for just about everyone. Swimming is a top exercise to lose weight especially in summer, you can burn about 800 calories an hour.

#10 Stair Climbing

Easy Exercises For Fitness

Climbing stairs is also one of the Easy Exercises For Fitness. It is a great way to amp your core muscle strength. It also raises your heart rate immediately thus maximizing your cardio benefits. Increases core muscle strength.

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