How To Drink More Water During Day

How To Drink More Water During Day. As we know water is very very very important for healthy body. Human body is 70% water and in particular, our brain is made up of 90% water.

How To Drink More Water During Day

Nobody can deny the importance of drinking water, let’s talk about how to drink more water even if you are busy.

Make It Your Morning Routine

Make drinking water your very first habit in the morning. Drink water before eating anything in the morning.

It is very healthy to start your day with a glass of water. It helps with cleansing in the morning, helps you relax and helps with bowel movement.

Keep Water Handy

Keep the water bottle on your work table. If you are too focused on work, you will not bother to get up and get a glass of water even if you are thirsty. By keeping the water on your work table, you can take a sip and continue with your work.

Then you can get up from your chair at appropriate times to fill the water bottle with fresh water and to relax.

Use Apps And Reminders

This is a technology oriented era. There are a lot of apps and reminders in smartphones for this purpose.

For Android users Water Drink Reminder is a cool app.

Improve The Taste Of Water

Many people drink less water throughout the day just because they are put off by the bland taste of water.

Water does not have a taste, or may be it is just bland. And this makes it challenging to drink water.

If you are one of them who do not drink water due to its taste, you can add some taste to water by infusing it with whatever you like. Lemon, Ginger, Cucumber, or herbs can help improve the taste of water.

Eat It If You Cannot Drink

You can cover your water intake for the day by eating fruits and veggies that are loaded with water.

If you are bored with drinking that water in a glass or water bottle, you can eat some fruits or veggies.

There are a lot of fruits and vegetables that are loaded with lot of water. Like watermelon, strawberries, cucumber, lettuce iceberg, oranges etc.

So these above tips will help you Drink More Water During Day. Drink up and stay healthy.

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